About me

Thanks for checking out the Lonebrushman site! The page has been around since 2002 but was on hiatus for a while. It has been reawakened with new content that I hope you like. I have been painting miniatures since the early 1980’s, starting with the old Grenadier boxed sets and Ral Partha diorama kits. I’ve painted all kinds of miniatures over the years and enjoy taking commissions so people can share this hobby.

As for me, I am a marine scientist and spend some of my free time as an artist. I received my PhD in marine biology and fisheries in 2003 from the University of Miami and have a few published papers and patents. My area of research was shallow water optical remote sensing, using hyperspectral airborne imaging systems to map the seafloor, though now I do a lot of work creating target detection algorithms and programming AI systems. Nothing beats painting and sculpting by hand though, and it has been a lot of fun to try out the new 3D sculpting and printing technology these days.