I do not paint as much as before but I can take some occasional commissions on miniatures. My painting levels are as follows:

Tournament Quality – This quality level is clean and bold, making it excellent for gaming miniatures. Metallic paints are used mainly, and all figures have gaming bases with flock, grass, and rocks, unless dungeon floor bases are used. These miniatures are great for RPGs and wargame heroes.

Collector Quality – This level includes most of the figures on this site and involves advanced painting techniques. Collector level figures are painted with many layers of highlighting and detail and can be done using either metallic or non-metallic painting styles, although there may be a price difference between the two. These minis are meant for the showcase but can also make for incredible looking heroes for wargames.

Display Quality – My best work. This level is where I usually experiment with complex non-metallic metal painting techniques as well as painting freehand designs. I also try to create unique models through figure conversions and by sculpting detailed bases. These figures should be enough to impress even non-gamers (spouses for example).

Painting prices are shown as a range, as the price varies depending on the complexity of a figure. Reaper figures are typically less than Confrontation figures or Games Workshop figures as they are simpler to paint. Figures with extreme complexity, with many small parts or many armor plates (GW heroes) are at the upper end of the range as they can take up to twice as long to paint as simple figures. All figures are sprayed with Testors Dullcote over protective layers of gloss varnish so the paintjob can resist handling and have a nice matte finish.

All prices are for painting only. Figures can be sent to me or I can purchase them and add the price to the total cost. Shipping is by USPS by weight. Larger figures will cost more due to packing materials and increased weight. Email me for an exact quote. In the rare case of figures getting damaged during shipping I will repair the figures at no additional cost.  If the painting quality is not satisfactory, I will give a full refund. The prices for my painting is as follows:

Figure Type

Level / Price




Character and monster models:

Small to medium size (25-45 mm).

  • Tournament:
  • Collector:
  • Display:
Large Monster:

Giants, Trolls, small dragons and horsemen.

  • Tournament:
  • Collector:
  • Display:
Mounted characters:

Riding big creatures or very detailed horses.

  • Tournament:
  • Collector:
  • Display:
Dragons, Dioramas* or any other huge creature, robot or vehicle

* diorama price depends on number of figures.

  • Tournament:
  • Collector:
  • Display:


Collector Level Price



bits added or sculpted in putty or clay.


Price depends on sculpting detail. Conversions are only done on collector or display level figures.

Wooden display base:

holds figures when not in play and is meticulously sculpted in polymer clay and cork.


Price depends on sculpting detail and number of figures to be displayed.