Deepstar Kraken – Painting Tutorial

Deepstar Kraken – Painting Tutorial

The new Deepstar Kraken model is coming out soon for DeepWars and I have the finished studio version here done at a Collector Level. See more shots in the AntiMatter Gallery. The model was painted primarily with acrylic inks by Liquitex and Dr. Phil Martins and acrylic paints (Reaper Master Series and Golden Fluid Acrylics) for highlights and final details.

This one was done in different stages. The base painting was done with blue skin and light tentacles. The mantle and top of the tentacles were given two washes of Marine Blue (Ultramarine) liquid acrylics (Dr. Phil Martins brand) mixed with matte medium and water. When the first was dry, the second was applied. The underside of the tentacles was done with a mix of Cerulean Blue ink (Liquitex) + white paint + Matte medium and water.

















After removing from the base, as it was making it difficult to reach the bottom of the tentacles, I applied many light blue glazes (Cerulean Blue + Ultramarine Blue + White) for highlights and some dark (Ultramarine Blue) glazes for shadows.
















The next stage was the big one. Dots of blue-green, green, yellow-green, white and various shades of orange and Burnt Umber were applied to the mantle and tentacles. Glazes of color were applied, yellow-green to the mantle and tips of tentacles and bright orange to the “face”, then more dots were applied over them and highlights were applied to some. The inspiration was photos of a Caribbean Reef Squid, which have very colorful skin with vibrant patterns in their chromatophores.



The eyes were done with yellow liquid acrylic mixed with white, black, and a bit of blue as the base. It was highlighted with more white and a touch of yellow. The black iris was painted, then more white highlights were applied around it to clean it up. Finally, the big highlight was added at the top with thinned white. The eyes were not painted as gems (bright bottom, dark top with hot-spot secular reflection) here as the light was meant to be diffused by the water. Maybe next time.

The base was done with washes of Burnt Sienna ink first, then washes of Pthalho blue and Marine Blue ink to darken the rocks. it was all drybrushed with Americana brand Buttermilk, then some glazes of greens, magentas and purples were added to the sponges and corals. The barnacles were drybrushed with some white to make them stand out.

Here is the final version.

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