The Argonaut – Painting Tutorial

The Argonaut – Painting Tutorial

This is the Argonaut, a small submersible for the Fortune Hunters in DeepWars.The model was done almost entirely with washes and glazes and drybrushing but still turned out nicely, I think.

Some more photos can be found in the AntiMatter Gallery.

The first three steps are shown here. The first step for the bronze is to paint a layer of brass mixed with zinc (Americana brand craft paint) to make a muted brass shade. The second step is to apply a wash of Burnt Sienna Ink mixed with matte medium. The third step was to create a wash of Turquoise ink + Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna to the bronze. The cockpit has the bronze as well as dirty steel. It is critical to paint the sub with the part separate as that allows the cockpit to be painted and the clear windows to be added at the end when the cockpit is inside.


The next step after the washes of Turquoise + Burnt Sienna was to drybrush with brass + silver. Then the whole thing was glazed with Turquoise and Burnt Sienna ink again, lightly and with no medium, and thinned with a bit of water. Some extra edge highlights were applied with silver and brass. The clear windows were then popped into the finished hull, a bit tricky now since there were layers of paint on all of the front structure.

The key is to fit the glass into the nose first, then snap the rest in with gradual pressure down and forward from the inside. There are four window sections that snap in this way on the front. The smaller windows are easier though some parts needed trimming on the sub window holes.

The pilot was set in place after the windows were put in. Make sure to trim the windows so they do not impede the cockpit. There are grooves in the inside of the hull that allow the cockpit to be slid into place.


Here is the finished Argonaut with the pilot behind clear resin now. The base turned out quite nicely with washes and glazes of different colors.


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